ELIXTACY and the services we offer are based around our 3 “i” MODEL of IDEAS, ILLUMINATION and INNOVATION. Below we outline each one.



At the Ideas Hub, people are encouraged to think and dream big. Nothing is seen as crazy or ridiculous. We are living in an incredibly fast changing world and the ability to harness creativity, innovate and generate ideas is becoming more important than ever.

  • The importance of dreaming and thinking big
  • Not allowing external factors to affect your way of thinking
  • Unlocking mental blocks
  • The importance of learning to hustle* and being streetwise*
  • Thinking introspectively and extrospectively
  • Accessing and seeing all that is possible and not settling for what there is now
  • Developing foresight and vision
  • Developing a win-win mindset
  • Imaging and writing your dreams

*The words ‘hustle’ and ‘streetwise’ in this context have very different connotations to the context most people associate them with. We use them in the context of improving business acumen and better understanding a broad range of different markets and different consumer behaviours.



At the Illumination Hub, we try to help people tap into and increase their level of consciousness and awareness. In a sense there isn’t one world but 7 billion since we each perceive the world via our own limited perception. When we perceive the world this way we often don’t see the world as it really is and by extension we are blind to our own greatness and potential. We often settle for a life far below what we are capable of all because of our limited and subjective perceptions of the world. At Inspiration Zone, our aim is to break people out of their limited conditioning and enable them to perceive the world from a point of clarity, empowerment and greatness.

  • Getting to know yourself
  • Breaking away from conditioning
  • Breaking away from automatic and destructive behaviour patterns
  • Replacing a negative mindset with a positive one
  • Tapping into your Higher Self
  • Turning pain and suffering into experience and empowerment



At the Innovation hub, we advise and offer solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs on how they can be more efficient, productive and ultimately more successful. All businesses and entrepreneurs want to save time and money. For some, time is more valuable than money. We provide the tools to enable all businesses and entrepreneurs in improving performance levels, productivity, harnessing new and emerging technologies, finding the right talent, and creating an environment where all workers feel valued and involved in the vision of the business, whilst increasing levels of innovation, net revenues and managing costs and creating a highly desirable business which clients love.

  • Saving time and money
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency
  • Creating a harmonious environment for all workers to feel a part of
  • Creating an environment of trust and transparency where nothing is taboo
  • Helping entrepreneurs and businesses harness and embrace new and emerging technologies