How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Your Friend



Much has been said about artificial intelligence or AI. Often people have talked about AI in a very fearful way as something with catastrophic and apocalyptic consequences. Even highly regarded people like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawkings have warned of the potential dangers when AI becomes highly developed and sophisticated. There is no question that AI will develop exponentially and become an enormous industry. It will greatly augment other industries and increase their productivity in unprecedented ways.


What about when AI becomes more sophisticated than humans?

One of the hot topics surrounding AI and the main cause of most people’s concern is, what happens when AI becomes more sophisticated than humans? Most people view such a situation as a threat to humanity and there are perfectly legitimate and rational arguments as to how AI can be a real danger to the human race. But let’s look at AI and it’s potential in a more exciting and positive way. This is a technology, which has the power to change our lives and make our lives better and less gruelling. Already there exists different kinds of AI such as the electronic calculator, speech and image recognition, or the algorithms designed for automatic language translation, spelling and grammar corrections, and the ones Facebook and Amazon use to create our daily news feeds and recommendations respectively etc. The Siri function on your iPhone is a very embryonic form of the type of AI, which will grow and develop at an exponential rate. At some point in the future this kind of AI bot will be your 24/7 multi task virtual assistant, which you’ll be able to have intelligent two way conversations with about virtually (no pun intended!) anything. Based on all your digital data and spoken words, it will help you make all your decisions for you. This virtual assistant bot will help you with all kinds of issues whether they are legal and financial queries, relationship problems and generally try to help you to organise your life and make it more efficient and productive. A SMART Life!


Job automation

People fear that AI will speed up the process of job automation and eventually make all jobs obsolete. This will happen yet it will happen to all Industrial Age, repetitive jobs with little to no creativity. Instead of being fearful, people should be happy. I mean do people enjoy repetitive, humdrum and uninspiring jobs? In our current culture there is this incomprehensible and irrational obsession with work; but work of an often soul destroying kind and not work that people enjoy and which can benefit and change society. AI will eventually automate all forms of repetitive and uncreative work and in the future people will be working far fewer hours.


A Post-Work society and why our creativity and ideas will be king

AI in the distant future will likely lead to a kind of Post-Work society. Yet in these times people will be finally free from monotonous work and will likely be engaging and harnessing their creativity and ideas in doing something they love. Rather than being a threat, AI will be an indispensable and invaluable resource, which will augment, complement and greatly benefit our levels of creativity and ideas and help us to realise with the best results whatever we want to achieve. AI will greatly enhance our creativity and generation of ideas and help us to tap into them in unimaginable ways. And best of all, it all most likely be free. No need to set aside money for expensive lawyers, financial advisors, planners and accountants. Or even software developers and digital data analysts and marketers. AI will be able to serve you in all these areas at no cost.


By Nicholas Peart

(c)All Rights Reserved


A world where everybody is an entrepreneur doing something they love



We are currently living in a time of great technological transformations. The internet has created enormous opportunities for individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses. The most clear game changer with the internet is the direct peer to peer contact it offers with all kinds of people from all around the world. It creates a fabulous opportunity to develop an online business or project in something you truly love and enjoy. In the process, you get to directly connect with many different people finding potential fans and clients who appreciate, love and value what you are doing.


Moving away from old Industrial Age model jobs

Currently many people are still stuck in Industrial Age jobs. These jobs are often of a repetitive nature even if, for now, they may provide a stable income and job security. And it could be argued that many people who do these kind of jobs don’t enjoy them (even if they may pretend that they do) and do them purely for the money. Yet these are the jobs most at risk from automation. These are not just jobs in the retail, construction, transport and basic service industries but also high skilled jobs in the legal, financial and, ironically, even tech industries (there will come a time when AI will be able to do most of the programming/data analysing jobs and create better software than humans can).


Tapping into your creativity 100%

When the above scenario occurs, instead of the dystopian reality that many predict, people will have a great opportunity to develop a business or project doing something they truly love. They will be using their creativity 100%. They will have to. They will have no other choice. It will be the most important “commodity” we have to offer. The alternative option is to be part of a society of “useless people” (a most disempowering term) who constantly lament about how they used to have a solid job and no longer have it due to automation. These are people who sadly haven’t tapped into their creative resources and the immense power within themselves. Instead they fail to change/adapt and are constantly stuck in the past. A very sad state of affairs but it doesn’t have to be live this!


The importance of using your initiative

In our current society only a small segment of the population use their initiative. Most people are crippled by fear, anxiety and low levels of self esteem to take the initiative to start their own business or project. They are more comfortable applying for a limited and dwindling supply of jobs. But one day in the future everyone may be forced to use their initiative. Yet it will be by utilising their creative gifts to their fullest capacity. After automation has made obsolete many jobs in existence our creativity will be king and the entire global economy will be full of individual entrepreneurs and startups all utilising their creativity and operating in something they love, which even benefits and contributes to society in a meaningful way. It will be a truly pure and direct sharing economy of people interacting and transacting with their unique services.


By Nicholas Peart

(c)All Rights Reserved

Connecting the whole world together for a better future



In most recent years, technology is becoming more accessible to people in developing countries. The fact is, it is only going to keep getting better

By 2020, 70% of the world’s population will have access to a smartphone and the internet. Eventually, the internet will become the world’s top education.

On top of this, it won’t cost a dime and everyone with an internet connection will be able to access this.


‘Not everyone can gain access to education’

This phrase will become a myth when more of the world’s population gains access to education. The more aware we become, the higher the chances of ground breaking activities being developed and ones which can better our society.


Not fighting the possibility of better communication

Instead we should see this as an opportunity to improve our lives and achieve our ambitions.


A wealth of abundance

With the latest developments, this can provide everyone with all kinds of free and limitless information, which in the past, and certainly before the internet, was scarcer and more costly.


Competition will become non existent

We will not be fighting for opportunities as you will finally be able to focus on what you really want to do. Right now, most of the world is moving to cities in hope of obtaining certain employment.


The future of cities

We will have cities in future? Possibly not if we will be able to work from anywhere.


Strengthening connections

We are currently connected by cellular towers, but this will be strengthened even more by the use of satellites. Cities and towns in some of the remote parts of world will finally be connected. Elon Musk’s company Space X plans to deliver broadband via satellite. Shall this take off, the possibility of not connecting the world will be very slim!


Moving into an Idea Economy

Once we are finally connected, this will help us transition into an Idea Economy; an economy of creation and generating ideas. People for the first time in their lives will be accepted rather than simply being a cog in a machine.


Cog in a machine

This is a rather derogatory term for being a mere number of the workplace culture. In the future this will be a story of the past. Rest assured, this will be liberating for many.



One of the greatest issues faced in our society is inequality. I believe that the more connected we will be, the greater the eventual hope of gaining parity in our society. This is an aspect of our society which has not been possible for many years.


Positive gain for the environment

By connecting everyone, we can potentially dematerialise a large part of our society. The more technology will develop, the more the costs of electricity and gas will become significantly lower. Once more and more people work virtually, there will be no need to commute to cities and thus this will decrease the carbon footprint substantially.


The ability to unite countries

There are people around the world who feel out of touch since they do not have access to the internet. The eventual long term aim is to build a smart grid which everyone can be a part of. This smart grid can help every single person by providing them with a purpose. When I refer to ‘a purpose’, I mean the ability to use their initiative. We were all brought to this planet to offer certain skills which can help others. I believe this is the future and how we can make this world a better place



By Caroline Peart

(c)All Rights Reserved