Current State Of Mind




Ever felt you view things differently

Instead of following da status quo

I know the feelin

Since I feel like this too often

U go on social media

N see what every1 is doin

Wondering why this ain’t me

I am thinkin intergalatic

Instead of thinkin like a local

Wat u see

May not be da truth

Only a reflection of ur own perception

Since we define reality

Like a good dose of delirium

U know the prose

Since it rhymes with der woes

Their woes ain’t da same

As yours or mine

Our brains just wired differently to another man’s chimes

N da tone

Ya know can alternate

Depending on da different day of da week

But this ain’t how da brain work

Da brain is a muscle dat gotta be exercised

every once in a while

For me though

I think I had an aneurysm

In ma sleep

Which caused me to start

bustin out dat rap

Is der a cure?

Yeh gotta release an album

In order to cure myself

Of this rapness


By Caroline Peart

©All Rights Reserved





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